2017: racing-fever Nürburgring

We celebrate 90 years of the Nürburgring and remember 1952.
The big prize of Germany with a surprise. After four Mercedes Roadstars, a Healey Silverstone takes the 5th place as “best often the rest”.
A group of Old Healeys from England are following our invitation. In this way, we form a powerful Old Healey group in the historic paddock.
The Eifel weather provides adrenaline at the steering wheel. Unforgettable is the zigzag steering of Neill Collins and the encounter of the fender of Bernd Wollenweber with the guardrail on the Green Hell. An award.
Bernd Sgraja proves with his “Madame” (Healey Sportmobil) that even a weekend cabrio at the Nordring can keep up.
In the end, there is 1st and 2nd place on the podium for Healey Silverstone.
All cleared, they say well.

Impressions Nürburgring