Joy of driving in the community

At last the part is going… Doesn’t it get too hot? Is there something rattled?
What does the cooler do? Many of us even have a name for their beloved four-wheeler: RedDevil, WhiteArrow, BlueShell, Little Lady, WhiteWing, BlueEagle… Driving is fun, professional simplistics too, and friends meet even more. Here are some impressions
past meetings and events on racetracks.

When the mountain calls…

Großglockner Grand Prix 2013

Five Healey Silverstone on one course, at 2700 meters above sea level. That would have pleased Donald Healey. We have experienced it: 16 km of mountain range up to 2700m in free travel.
It was beautiful! Curve after curve sniff altitude air. Always happy to return!
More impressions can be found here

Meeting Regensburg 2016

The record for participating Healey Silverstone goes historically to Regensburg: 10 original cars met in the Donaustadt for a leisurely ride and participation in the Regensburg Classic Rally. Whether so many Healey Silverstones have ever been transported on a ferry is a matter of way. More impressions can be found here.

90 years Nürburgring

We celebrate 90 years of the Nürburgring and remember 1952. The big prize of Germany with a surprise. After four Mercedes Roadstars, a Healey Silverstone takes the 5th place as “best often the rest”.

Eine Gruppe Old Healeys aus England folgt unserer Einladung. So bilden wir im historischen Fahrerlager eine mächtige Old-Healey-Gruppe.

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