known owners:
W.D.R. Lamb 1950
J. Davey 1955 for sale £595
broken up in 1960

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1950 Croft race Meeting 9th Sept start no 8 driver W. Lamb
1950 Tulip Rally driver W. Lamb and H. Ryan
1952 Goodwood 17th May diver Bill Lamb
1952 Goodwood 4th June ,, ,, ,,
1952 Goodwood 18th Aug 9 hour race driver Bill lamb and E.P. Going, but failed to finish


Comments: The car was for sale in 1955 for £595 and then nothing was known about it. Assumed that it broken up.

  • Listing ID: 1305
  • Chassis: E71
  • Reg. Nr.: DVG 821