known owners:
M. Lewis 1950
P. Boyle 1950
R,M. Powell 1950
A.Bowen and Co February 1952 –
Owners unknown between 1952 and 1965
Dale Evans – 1965
James Brown 1965 – 1977
Michael Harper,1977, Lancashire
David Royle, 1977 -1980
Peter Hepworth 1980 – 1986
Edward Eves ?
Ian Farrier Australia 1986 – 1992
Dr. Cameron Sell, Australien 1992 –

1950’s Trengnainton Hill climb start no 44 ? driver David Scobey
1984 Coronation Rally driver Peter Hepworth
1984 Milli Miglia driver Peter Hepworth
Raced and Sprinted regularly in Australia from 1992 driven by Warwick Sell

2019 Philip Island Meeting Melbourne

Magazin: Autocar Oct. 1983
Australian Classic Car Feb 1997

Peter Cramer and I (Edward Eves) went to Otley to drive and photograph the E-type Silverstone owned by Peter Hepworth, one of the family whose name is synonomous with pistons for high performance engines. He now runs his own specialist business supplying hard-to-get pistons worldwide. This particular Silverstone has chassis E61 and is dated May, 1950. Not all of its history is available but it was well-known in competition in the 1950s in the hands of R.M. Powell and was owned for a number of years by J.R. Brown of Stockport, who now lives in the U.S.A. David Royle, who is now Peter’s partner in the Royle Hepworth car restoration business, bought E61 from a Michael Harper in 1977 and it was acquired by Peter Hepworth some years later. Its competition history in Hepworth’s hands has been modest but typical of the breed. It has lapped the Silverstone Club Circuit in 1 min. 24 sec. – faster than a Frazer Nash Targa Florio, Peter tells me – and climbs Prescott in 64 sec. , all on road tyres.
a part from the article, Autocar Oct.1983,
Edward Eves

  • Listing ID: 1207
  • Chassis: E61
  • Reg. Nr.: First Reg.No.: LGP 744
    Australia: QCL 362