known owners:
Sent to John Brown Motors Edinburgh new in 1950
Ian Stewart Jan 1950 – Nov 1950
J.H. Beasby 1950
R. Joyce
T. Waldon – 1967
B.H. Payne England, 1967 – 2003
Jon Payne England 2003 –
Dark Blue in 1960’s
Dark Green

1950 Irish Road Trials, driver: unknown
1950 30th Sept Bo’ness Hill Climb start no 36 driver Ian Stewart
1950 Winfield Berwickshire driver Ian Stewart – 4th overall unlimited sports cars. 3rd overall unlimited racing cars.
1950 Circuit of Ireland

eMail from: Jon Payne
23. Sept. 2005
Dear Sir,
It was very interesting to see your website. My brother and I own HSC600 (D46). We inherited the car from our father a couple of years back and had it back on the road to Visit the Goodwood revival earlier this month. The car has been in our family since about 1966. _ _ _ _
Regards Jon

  • Listing ID: 1004
  • Chassis: D46
  • Reg. Nr.: HSC 600