known owners:
sent to John Brown Motors Edinburgh new in 1950
T. Gray 1950 – 1951
W. Brierley or Brearley 1951 – 1952
J.N. Cuthbert 1952 – 1954
D. Dobbs 1954 – 1962
Mr Pierson 1962 – 1967
Peter J. Stansfield 1967 – 1971
M.R. Anderson 1971 – 1974
A. Dunkerley, Lancashire 1974 – 2001
Italy 2001 –

Light Green or Grey
Dark Green in1952
Silver in early 1960’s
Dark Green in late 60’s

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1950 24th June Bo’ness Hill Climb start no 45 driver T.D.Gray
1950 Circuit of Ireland .One of 3 cars from Scotland, Driver T D Gray
1951 19th May National Crimond races driver TD Gray 3rd overall
1951 30th June Kinneal Hill Climb driver W.A.Brearley 2nd in class
1951 30th June Bo’ness Hill Climb start no 45 driver W.A.Brealey 3rd in class
1951 7th July Rest and be Thankful Hill Climb start no 49 driver W.A.Brearley 9th in class
1951 21st July Winfield Race Meeting driver W.A.Brearley
1951 13th October Winfield Circuit start no 33 driver W.A.Brearley
1953 18th April Premier award in the M.G.C.C. Scottish centre driver Nick Cuthbert

Letter: Tom Gray ,the first owner of D29, was the owner of the Bridge of Earn Hotel in Scotland and was a famous extrovert. His passion was to go from one end of Glenfarg to the other with the sole purpose of beating his own record. It was doing this that he had a monumental accident which resulted in the car being rebuilt by the factory.
Mr Stansfield bought the Healey from a farmer. It had caught fire and the farmer had thrown dirt on the engine to put it out and then left it. The car looked absolutely stunning from the back when it arrived on the trailer, but the front was full of weeds. His wife Betty, was horrified!!
However, he painstakingly restored the car, eventually repainting it in british racing green. He sold it to someone in Lancashire. We are not sure of the date but we think he owned it from 1967 – 1971
He died 20 years ago, but his wife still has very fond memories and many photos and knowledge of the car. We used to go to Healey rallies at Harewood House, Harrogate
A.O.H.O. letters

This car was crashed in 1950 and rebuilt with new chassis at the Healey factory.
In 1967 the car was again rebuilt from a wreck.

  • Listing ID: 846
  • Chassis: D29
  • Reg. Nr.: First Reg.No.: HSC 444
    324 SG
    EM 307 FV