known owners:
Mr Le Fever March 1950
Mr Hudson 1950
John Young 1950
Mr Cameron and ? July 1951
J. Blackman 1952
Tony Lockey 1952
Mr Sylcote June 1953 –
Ownership not known between 1953 and 1963
Dr. Eltoft Liverpool 1963 – 1970’s
Exported to Canada 1970 ? by Dr Elltoft
Mr Prophet
Morris Fischtein , Toronto – 1982 – 2012
Hannes Rambold, Germany – since 2012
White in 1952
dark green in Canada
white in Germany – 2012


1950 at Blandford driver: Mr Le Feverer
1950 16th March, Goodwood driver: John Young
1950 22nd March, Goodwood driver: John Young
1950 14th April, Goodwood driver: John Young
1951 N Staffs race meeting Silverstone, driver: J B Blackman
1952 at Silverstone, St.No.:77 driver: J. Blackham
1952 May 14th Borham wood driver: Mr Spiller
1952 at Goodwood . driver: John Young
2013 August . RaceCarTrophy – Ennstal-Classic . . Team: Rambold . 3.Platz
2013 Sept. Grossglockner Grand Prix . St.Nr.: 53 . Team Rambold

2015 Rossfeld Rennen

2015 Ennstal Classic (Racecar Trophy)

2019 Solitude Stuttgart

Appendix from Hannes Rambold:

Tony Lockey:

1952 Tony Lockey, a young car designer and race car constructor buys the D20 to drive to work every day. In my research of the previous owners I meet him we exchange photos and letters. Tony Lockey is the youngest racing car designer in the world to date. At the age of 16, after the war, he designed and built racecars with parts from the scrapyard according to his own ideas.

Sir Stirling Moss

In 2014 at the Ennstal Classic we meet Sir Stirling Moss and are allowed to show him the D20. Not without mentioning that he overtook our D20 1952 at Silvertone several times in his race. We reap a smile and Stirling Moss caresses our chassis with the words. These were times.

John Young

In 1949, John Young was an importer of the Gullwings for the UK. In his spare time he races as a gentlemen driver with our D20. His two best friends Bernie Ecclestone and an English timber merchant named Ken Tyrrell. John Young provides young talent to his D20 and Ken is looking for talent for F1. Original quote John Young, who still races in Goodwood today: We were with Bernie and Ken every weekend, and I was the one with the money.

Bernd Wollenweber

2012 after the purchase of the D20 we visit the OGP at the Nürburgring, where we discover a red Healey Silverstone. I go to the driver with the greeting: Hello I am D20. He replies: Hello D21. Since then, we have had a great friendship with a few duels at the Nürburgring. In the modern era, as in the 50s at Silverstone. Unfortunately, Bernd 2019.
Do well and thank you for your friendship, Bernd.


  • Listing ID: 748
  • Chassis: D20
  • Reg. Nr.: first Reg.No. KYN 298
    Reg.No. Canada: HVF 135