known owners:
Arnott 1950 ‘s U.S.A.
J.C. Iglesias 1950’s Cuba
Carlos Niebla 1950’s
in Cuba 2004 Peter Ketelsen,

in Cuba sold to unknown person


PUBLICATIONS FEATURED IN: Classic and Sports Car August 2005
Silverstone with Havana connections.
Though I did not see it myself when I was in Cuba, my friend on the Island Richard Bebbington has recently photographed the only Healey Silverstone believed to survive there. He had been told that two were imported in around 1950, the other having later been destroyed in an accident. Chris Berens of the Association of Healey Owners Club knew of the Cuban car chassis D10 built in 1949 but cannot trace any other car as “missing” from around that time. The Healey factory records show the surviving car going to the United States to a Mr. Arnott and then to Cuba for Mr.J.C. Iglesias. The car still has its original Riley engine, and whilst it looks pretty original parts of the body may have been replaced. Its four wings (off the car) look like the original and are painted blue which might have been its first colour. At some stage it looks as if it has received a coat of Cuban taxi yellow paint, but the body is now in a sort of primer grey. It still has its badge but placed on the grille. It has been off the road for ten or more years now and the cars second owner has recently died. His widow has put it up for sale , but there appears to be no interest at the price asked. Export is of course banned.
Richard told me that he had anecdotal evidence that it was raced on the Island in the
Seen in pieces but mostly complete in Cuba in 2005. Featured under Lost and Found in Classic and Sports cars August 2005.

Status 2019: sold to a unknown person in Cuba


  • Listing ID: 667
  • Chassis: D10
  • Reg. Nr.: P 179164 Cuba