D 6

known owners:
Carlo Castelbarco 1950
Watson Richmond 1950
Toulmin 1950’s
R. Nabun 1952
Owners not known between 1952 and 1960
Steve Whaley 1960 – 1963
T.R.G. Scofield 1966 –
R. Loveday 1971

from 1975 Johnson Wild Lancashire (Information from Warren Kennedy)
Flemming Rasmussen 1984 – 1989 (Denmark )
I. Silverstone 1990 – 1991
Haynes Motor Museum 1993 –

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1950 Mille Miglia, St.Nr.:721, driver: Carlo Castelbarco and F. Mosters in the 1950, finished 38th overall
1952 Scottish Rallye, driver: R. Nabun
1962 Silverstone handicap race, St.No.84, driver: Steve Whaley
1987 Mille Miglia, St.No. 104
1986 Mille Miglia, Start Nr 107
Sold at Auction in 1990 for £64000
D6, I think is still at Haynes Motor Museum

Driven by Count Castibarco and Mosters in the 1950 Mille Miglia. One of three Silverstones entered. Finished 38th overall.
Car driven by R.Nabun in the 1952 Scottish rally.
D6 used to be owned by Ramussen in Denmark and was once raced by a driver called Tony Lanfranchi. It was his first racing car and he afterwards became a professional racing driver ( he died earlier this year)

  • Listing ID: 630
  • Chassis: D 6
  • Reg. Nr.: First Reg.No.: LLE 947
    Reg.No.: DC 68289